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Helping Students develop their Legal Commercial Awareness



Brought to you by Mr Denis Viskovich, the founder of the largest Commercial Awareness Competition for Law Students in the United Kingdom - BIUCAC and the highly accredited

British Commercial Awareness Scheme.

We firmly believe that FCL is the ONLY place to acquire virtual, interactive, and substantive Legal Commercial Awareness content. FCL provides courses throughout the year specifically tailored to law students who want to develop their Legal Commercial Awareness.

Legal Commercial Awareness cannot be learned by SIMPLY reading and summarising news articles or merely listening to people speak about it!

Legal Commercial Awareness is achieved through interactive case studies and practice, practice and practice. 

Legal Commercial Awareness is one of the key essential skills for any future commercial lawyer.



Everything You Need To Become Commercially Aware

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An introductory course to Legal Commercial Awareness.

For 6 weeks, you will embark on a weekly 2.5-hour course that will provide a great introduction to Legal Commercial Awareness. 

You will find yourself covering an array of topics with direct, interactive, and engaging learning. 


We strive to provide Monthly Webinars on exclusive and topical Commercial Awareness Topics.

Each webinar will run for 2.5 hours. Within this period you will learn and digest engaging content, with the opportunity to self-test your knowledge on a unique and interactive case study.

Simulates an assessment center, only here you gain instantaneous and invaluable feedback.


This week-long program is an intense and varied advanced course on Legal Commercial Awareness. 

Each day will provide advanced coverage on vital topics that will help you strive for success both in assessment centers and in preparation for life in the legal industry. 

A recommended program if you are looking to extensively add to your knowledge on Legal Commercial Awareness.


"I really struggled in improving my commercial awareness, I would often ask my lecturers on how I could prepare for assessment centre's and was simply told to 'read the news'. After my first Webinar with Denis, I realised my whole thought process and approach was wrong. It is not just re-wording news stories, it is being able to engage and think critically about what is going on around us. After BCAS my confidence grew massively, and was no longer nervous for the case studies at the assessment centres."

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